Dupage Fishing Guide Service


Why I am part of the DuPage Angler Pro-Staff

“The DA website has been a huge blessing in my life. By chance I met Wacky Bass at a local pond and we became good friends. This site is different than the others. It is a comprehensive treasure trove of angling knowledge. The site is super charged by its Facebook like social networking. Because of this net working and user generated content the site is evolving rapidly because of the way it is mixing information, people, events, and products. One main difference is the quality of the members, which most are people of character. This friendliness is not found in the other sites in its class. The sky is the limit for this trophy online oasis and will go where ever imagination and its users take it.”

Crabby Bass Lures. Your color. Your glitter. Your scent. Your lure. 

Crabby Bass Lures produce custom made soft plastic fishing lures. Customers decide which lure, color, glitter, and scent they want added.  We add salt to all of our lures unless it is requested to be left out. CBL can also make custom colors that are not listed by mixing colors together. Please be advised that if a custom color is requested, the color may not match exactly batch after batch. Since all lures are custom made, the orders will be produced once the order is placed by the customer

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